Florida VA hospital left body in shower for more than 9 hours
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The body of a veteran was left in a shower at a Florida Veterans Affairs hospital for more than nine hours, according to an investigative report from The Tampa Bay Times.

Staff at the hospital failed to provide appropriate post-mortem care for the veteran, who died in February and has not been publicly identified. 

Since the incident, the hospital has ordered retraining for staff. 


Hospital spokesman Jason Dangel told The Tampa Bay Times that hospital officials said the incident was unacceptable and have worked to make sure it won't happen again.

"We feel that we have taken strong, appropriate and expeditious steps to strengthen and improve our existing systems and processes within the unit," Dangel told the paper. "It is our expectation that each veteran is transported to their final resting place in the timely, respectful and honorable manner. America's heroes deserve nothing less."

According to the investigation, hospice staff requested a staff member called a "transporter" come move the body to the morgue, but a transporter never arrived and the body wasn't taken away. Instead it was left unattended in a shower for more than nine hours.

Some hospice staff "demonstrated a lack of concern, attention and respect" for the veteran, according to the Tampa Bay Times.