Blumenthal criticized what he described as obstruction “that threatens to paralyze the United States Senate” and said that he opposed use of the tactic, which Republicans say is essential to maintain the power of the minority party.

“The consequences of the filibuster are real and dramatic and destructive, and that’s why I continue to oppose the filibuster,” he added.

The senator’s comments came after Democrats and Republicans reached a deal that would allow President Obama’s nominees to receive an up-or-down vote before the chamber. 

In return, Obama will withdraw two members to the National Labor Relations Board, Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, and name replacements whom Senate Republicans have pledged not to filibuster.

The deal was struck hours after a Monday evening huddle to devise a plan forward.

Blumenthal called that meeting was “very heated and passionate in many instances,” though he also noted it was effective in allowing Obama’s nominees to receive votes.