North Carolina is no longer a democracy: report

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North Carolina can no longer be considered a democracy, according to a new report from the Electoral Integrity Project (EIP), which rated the state’s overall electoral integrity at the same levels of those in authoritarian states and “pseudo-democracies” such as Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone.

The state scored 58 out of 100, with ratings so poor on the measures of legal framework and voter registration that it tracked closely with those in Iran and Venezuela. The state got a score of 7 out of 100 for the integrity of voting district boundaries.

According to the report, North Carolina was the worst state for unfair districting in the United States and the worst ever analyzed by the EIP in the world. These ratings mean that the state can no longer be considered a democracy. 

{mosads}The EIP, created in 2012, uses a system measuring 50 elements to the election process including legal framework, access to polling and how ballots are counted. Since it’s creation, the EIP has measured 213 elections in 153 countries. 

Some issues listed in the state of North Carolina included a large number of unopposed incumbent state legislators in the general election, poor districting that the EIP said displaces power and the GOP’s veto-proof control as a majority in the state.




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