Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenButtigieg surges ahead of Iowa caucuses GOP eager for report on alleged FBI surveillance abuse Biden leads among Latino Democrats in Texas, California MORE told GQ magazine that he could "die a happy man never having been president of the United States of America," but added "it doesn't mean I won't run."

In the sprawling profile published Thursday, the vice president admitted to still harboring some ambitions to make a 2016 run.

"The judgment I'll make is, first of all, am I still as full of as much energy as I have now — do I feel this?" he told the magazine. "Number two, do I think I'm the best person in the position to move the ball? And, you know, we'll see where the hell I am.


"And by the way, if you come in the office, I have two portraits hanging — one of Jefferson, one of Adams. Both vice presidents who became presidents," he added.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Biden repeatedly hinted that he could make his own bid for the Oval Office during the next campaign. On Election Day, when asked by reporters if that would be the last time he'd vote for himself, Biden responded, "no, I don't think so."

He also joked to a voter who opposed the president's healthcare law that “after its all over, when your insurance rates go down, then you’ll vote for me in 2016.”

Biden could have one high-profile — and deep-pocketed — supporter if he decides to launch a bid.

"He's got a set of balls," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told GQ in the Biden profile.