Washington Post hired security consultant for reporter after death threat
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A Washington Post reporter met with the FBI and an outside security consultant after receiving a death threat in October.
Shortly after the story was published, he writes in the Washington Post Magazine this week, another Post reporter got a death threat for Fahrenthold, prompting the newspaper to hire a former counterterrorism official to consult with him on security.
Fahrenthold also met with the FBI and Washington, D.C., police.
“When she arrived at our house she terrified us far more than the actual death threat had,” Fahrenthold recounts.
“‘Your cars are parked too far away for a car bomb,’ she said, looking out the front windows at the street. ‘They’ll probably cut your brake lines.’ She recommended having a car patrol the neighborhood. She recommended a safe room.”
Fahrenthold admits in the piece that he never thought Trump would win, calling the prospect "fantastical and pointless, like designing a Super Bowl ring for the Cleveland Browns."
Despite the threat, the reporter said he will cover the Trump presidency "with the same vigor as I scrutinized Trump the candidate."