President Obama's job approval ratings have hit a record low since he was reelected, according to a new poll.


The new McClatchy-Marist poll found Obama's job approval rating at 41 percent, a drop from April, when the same poll found the president's approval rating at 50 percent. 

The April job approval numbers were a slight uptick from March when the McClatchy-Marist poll found Obama's approval rating at 45 percent.

The silver lining for the president is that he's still more popular than Congress, the poll found. Just 33 percent of those surveyed approve of the job congressional Democrats are doing. Meanwhile, an even smaller portion, 22 percent, said they approve of the job congressional Republicans are doing.

Obama's slipping poll numbers come as the White House refocuses on the economy. Obama will give three speeches on the economy on Wednesday and Thursday in a bid to bolster his political standing. 

He is expected to take credit for some of the recent strength seen in the U.S. economy. 

The McClatchy poll found just 37 percent approve of the president's handling of the economy while 56 percent disapprove.