Dukakis: Trump needs to apologize to Clinton

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Former Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis said in an interview Friday that President-elect Donald Trump needs to get off Twitter and apologize to Hillary Clinton.

“I mean he ought to be ashamed of himself for this kind of stuff, calling her a crook and that kind of nonsense.  She’s a good person, nothing she did involved breaches of national security,” Dukakis said in an interview on WABC radio with Rita Cosby. “She was investigated for God knows how long about Libya, and a Republican-dominated committee exonerated her.”

{mosads}Dukakis went on to say that Trump needed to change his behavior and apologize to Clinton over the matter.

“I think Trump owes her an apology for that stuff.  But, in any event, I gather they’re going to be at the inauguration, and more power to them. And, I hope he’ll reach out to her,” Dukakis said. “Because of the kind of language he used and the accusations he made, you know. The fact that he was going to prosecute her, I mean what nonsense.  And we’re not hearing that anymore, are we? Which tells you something.”

He also hit the president-elect for his use of Twitter.

“You know, it’s time for Trump to get off Twitter, and start acting like the president of the United States, because he’s got a lot of work ahead of him, he’s got important decisions to make, and this kind of nonsense really has got to stop,” he said.

Later in the interview, Dukakis said that he believes FBI Director James Comey should resign.

“I don’t think Comey did this for political reasons,” Dukakis said of how Comey handled the investigation into Clinton’s private email server. “I think it was a mistake in judgment.”

When asked if he thought Comey should resign, Dukakis answered in the affirmative. 

Comey has been heavily criticized by Democrats for writing a letter to Congress less than two weeks before the election to announce that the bureau had discovered emails through an unrelated investigation that could pertain to the Clinton probe. He said about a week later that the new emails had no bearing of the investigation’s outcome, but many Clinton allies blame him for her loss. 

Dukakis also said he wouldn’t be at the inauguration.

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