Sen. Rand PaulRandal (Rand) Howard PaulSenate lawmakers let frustration show with Blinken Rand Paul: 'Hatred for Trump' blocking research into ivermectin as COVID-19 treatment Masks and vaccines: What price freedom? MORE (R-Ky.) hit back late Tuesday in his ongoing war of words with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), saying Christie’s reliance on federal largesse makes him the “king of bacon.”


Just hours before, Christie had criticized Paul for representing a state that receives more money from the federal government than it pays in.

 “This is the king of bacon talking about bacon,” Paul said Tuesday on CNN’s "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer." Paul further accused Christie of having a “gimme gimme” attitude toward federal aid after Hurricane Sandy without considering spending cuts elsewhere to offset the expense.

Paul touted himself as “the most fiscally conservative member of Congress,” pointing to his own proposals to balance the federal budget.

At a press conference a few hours earlier, Christie had slammed Paul as a big-spending establishment Republican, claiming that Kentucky takes $1.51 in federal money for every dollar in taxes it pays, as opposed to the $0.61 New Jersey receives.

Paul shot back, saying the state takes in the money to fund large Army bases at Fort Campbell and Fort Knox.

“What does [Christie] want to do, shut down military bases in Kentucky?” Paul asked.

Paul also echoed earlier statements that Christie should choose his battles more carefully.

“Attacking me isn’t helping the party, it’s hurting the party,” he said.

The feud between Paul and Christie began last Thursday when Christie suggested libertarian-leaning politicians who oppose National Security Agency surveillance programs had forgotten the tragedy of 9/11. It continued on Sunday when Paul attacked Christie for using 9/11 to make a political point and for demanding so much Hurricane Sandy aid.