President Obama on Friday said he’s “absolutely certain” the Senate’s immigration reform bill would pass the House if it were allowed a vote.

“Get that bill to the floor,” the president said at a press conference before embarking on a weeklong August vacation.


House Republican leaders have declared the Senate bill dead on arrival and are pursuing a series of piecemeal bills that they say would do more to secure the border.

Obama said the only thing holding up immigration reform is “internal Republican caucus politics.”

He said GOP lawmakers are making the perfect the enemy of the good by refusing to consider the Senate bill, even as he conceded it would not completely solve issues such as border security.

“I don’t know a law that solves a problem 100 percent,” he said, while pointing to the Social Security Act and the 1964 Civil Rights Act as laws that did not eliminate poverty among the elderly or racial discrimination but made valuable gains.

The Senate’s sweeping immigration reform bill passed in late June with bipartisan support.