State Dept web page on refugees disappears
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Two pages on the State Department website that chronicled the "myths and facts" about refugees have been removed.

On Friday, President Trump issued an executive order banning Syrian refugees from entering the country.

The two web pages, one titled "Myths and Facts on Refugees, Migration, and Humanitarian Assistance," and the other "Myths and Facts: Resettling Syrian Refugees," had been removed as of Friday, though the exact timing of when they were taken down is unclear.

The White House and federal agencies have been updating web sites and social media as part of the routine transition to the new administration. Both pages were created and remained up throughout Obama's presidency.


The old pages can still be found through a cache online.

Both of the pages included information on how the U.S. takes in refugees and its work on the refugee crisis. 

One post read: 

"MYTH: The United States government brings refugees here without screening."

"FACT: All refugees of all nationalities considered for admission to the United States are subject to the highest level of security checks of any category of traveler to our country, involving multiple federal intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies, such as the National Counterterrorism Center, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Departments of Homeland Security, State and Defense, in order to ensure that those admitted are not known to pose a threat to our country. The safeguards include biometric (fingerprint) and biographic checks, and an interview by specially trained DHS officers who scrutinize the applicant’s explanation of individual circumstances to ensure the applicant is a bona fide refugee . Mindful of the particular conditions of the Syria crisis, Syrian refugees go through an enhanced level of review."

The number of website pages have disappeared as Trump gets his administration up and running, including pages on LGBT rights and climate change on the White House website.