Poll: Powell’s favorables much higher than Cheney’s

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who struck back at Dick Cheney on Sunday, is viewed much more favorably by the American public than the former vice president, according to a recent poll.

The CNN/Opinion Research poll found that seven in ten respondents have a favorable view of Powell while less than four in ten hold a favorable view of Cheney. Fifty-five percent of respondents have an unfavorable view of Cheney.

Notably, among Republicans Cheney and Powell score similarly. Sixty-six percent of respondents had a favorable view of Cheney while 64 had the same view of Powell.

Powell and Cheney have squared off recently in the press since Cheney said that Powell is no longer a Republican in large part because he endorsed President Obama last year.

Powell hit back on Sunday, saying that Cheney is “still misinformed” on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

It is worth noting that the CNN poll was conducted last week, before Cheney delivered his national security speech on Thursday. It’ll be interesting to see how the speech will effect Cheney’s favorability numbers.

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