Trump-cited source on voter fraud is registered in three states: report
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The man who President Trump believes has evidence of voter fraud is reportedly registered to vote in three different states.

Gregg Phillips, the founder of of VoteStand, a mobile app that purports to detect voter fraud, was registered to vote in Alabama, Texas and Mississippi prior to the 2016 presidential election, the Associated Press reported.

He voted in Alabama in November, the AP noted. It is not illegal to be registered in multiple states, though it is illegal to cast a ballot in multiple states.

Last week, President Trump tweeted about Phillips’ claim that there was 3 million illegal votes during the election, a claim that has been widely disproven by independent fact-checkers. 

After the election, Phillips tweeted that his “analysis” of 180 voter registrations showed that there were more than 3 million illegal votes, but has not provided any evidence to back up that claim.

On CNN last week, he said it would be months before his group could provide evidence of the illegal votes.

President Trump has notes his concerns about people who have registered to vote in multiple states, and cited it as one of the reasons he will be asking for a “major investigation” into rampant voter fraud.