Obama WH photographer appears to critique Trump over national security concerns
© screenshot

Former White House photographer Pete Souza seemed to take a jab at President Trump with his most recent post on Instagram.

Souza’s latest Instagram shows President Obama having a private discussion in El Salvador in March 2011 following a national security meeting.

"When we were on the road, national security discussions and head of state phone calls were conducted in a private, secure location set up onsite,” Souza wrote in the photo caption. "Everyone had to leave their Blackberry outside the area.”


The photo follows a report that Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe conducted a national security meeting in public over the weekend. The leaders were dining at a public table at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort when news broke of North Korea’s missile test, according to a report by CNN. The pair began to strategize about a response while sitting at the table.

Aides present for the meeting also reportedly used cellphone flashlights to help illuminate documents on the table, which could be a cause for concern if the cell phones were not secure.