Person behind official Sweden account blasts Trump in tweetstorm
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The person behind Sweden’s national Twitter account this week used the platform on Monday to blast President Trump following his direction to "look at what's happening" in the Scandinavian nation with regards to crime and immigration.

Max Karlsson, who manages the @sweden account, which switches to different users each week, published a series of tweets condemning the U.S. president for implying some kind of nonexistent terror attack or disaster.

Karlsson took Trump to task for the difference between murder rates in Sweden and the U.S. and posted a slew of positive facts about his country.


At a campaign-style rally on Saturday, Trump cited a nonexistent incident “last night” in Sweden as a justification for his travel ban.

The Swedish Embassy in Washington immediately asked the U.S. to clarify Trump’s statements, since there was no terrorism attack in Sweden on Friday evening.

Karlsson called out Trump specifically, calling his statements on Sweden riddled with "falsehoods & dystopian far-right myths."

Trump later clarified his comments, saying they were referencing a segment on Fox News that featured a film that connected immigration in Sweden to rising crime rates. However, as Reuters reported, crime rates have dropped in Sweden since 2005.

Since the segment was aired, two Swedish police officers have said they were misrepresented in the film, created by Ami Horowitz. They said their comments were selectively edited to better show the filmmaker’s chosen narrative.