White nationalist leader Richard Spencer kicked out of CPAC
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White nationalist Richard Spencer was escorted out of the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday morning.

Spencer reportedly spoke with reporters in the lobby of the conference for nearly 45 minutes before he was kicked out.

Some reporters tweeted that Spencer was escorted out by security while still speaking with journalists.

A spokesman for CPAC told NBC that Spencer was removed because the organization finds his views “repugnant.”


American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp attempted to distance the conference from Spencer, who reportedly said that he was credentialed for the event.

“The ‘alt-right’ does not have a legitimate voice in the conservative movement,” said Schlapp, according to the Los Angeles Times, noting that “nobody from that movement is speaking at CPAC.”

“This is America, and we have to deal with the laws and, you know, all I can tell you is that if he had comments we’d agree with, he’d be on our stage, but he’s not on our stage,” Schlapp said of Spencer.

Spencer then held a gaggle with reporters after being removed from the conference.

"CPAC cannot host a speech where they denounce the alt-right by name and then expect me not to come,” he said, according to reports. "They’re children, I mean look, adults will engage in dialogue particularly when you're going to denounce someone. They're not even engaging in dialogue."