“Apparently there is no indication that this was a terrorist event,” Holmes Norton said during a press conference Monday. “But I hope that we all understand that with all these guns loose in the society, it does not take a terrorist to do what was done here today … to spoil the reputation of this rising neighborhood.”

Holmes Norton represented the District in 2001 when a hijacked plane was crashed into the Pentagon.  

“We haven’t had a day like this since 9/11 for good reasons,” Holmes Norton said. 

She credited the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters, where the shooting took place, for reviving the M Street neighborhood in Southeast D.C., and hoped it would not mar an otherwise thriving area. 

She said she will participate in the moment of silence on the House floor Tuesday at 7 p.m., saying her prayers are with those who died or were injured. 

She cautioned everyone to withhold judgment until authorities have conducted a thorough investigation. 

“This could have been an event that had nothing to do with the federal government, and increasingly I think that is probably the case,” she said. “Again, I am withholding judgment about what happened here.”