Union president blasts GOP healthcare plan after meeting with Trump


Richard Trumka slammed the Trump-backed GOP healthcare proposal, just hours after meeting with the president at the White House on Tuesday.

The AFL–CIO president said he talked about a variety of topics with President Trump, but he did not mention healthcare as one of them, according to a CNN report.

“Among the issues we discussed were trade and infrastructure,” Trumka said. “I also talked to the president about policies that allow Wall Street and corporations to take advantage of workers while lowering wages and stripping workers of rights.”

{mosads}While Trumka has met with the president multiple times, he’s regularly criticized many of Trump’s decisions. Many of the workers that Trumka’s organization represents, however, supported Trump’s campaign. 

Shortly after their meeting concluded, Trumka issued a separate statement slamming the Republican ObamaCare replacement plan — a plan that Trump has praised as “great.”

“Millions of people will lose their health care coverage thanks to a plan introduced by Congressional Republicans,” he said.

“This haphazard ‘repeal and replace’ effort would result in painful taxes on working families, cuts to Medicaid, and tax giveaways for the super-rich. … That’s a terrible plan for healthcare in America.”

Trumka also bashed the plan, saying that it benefits Wall Street rather than the working people and “isn’t a healthcare plan at all.” 

A White House spokesperson declined CNN’s request for comment.

Reporters were told early Tuesday that they would have access to the Trump-Trumka meeting, but the photo-op was canceled at the last minute. 

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