Chicago has experienced a spate of gun and gang-related violence in recent years. Just this week, the FBI released new crime statistics that deemed Chicago the nation’s murder capital, surpassing New York.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat from Illinois, said the shooting shows the need for Congress to act on gun control.

“Congress must act now to pass gun safety legislation that protects our children, families and our communities,” Schakowsky said in a statement Friday morning. 

The country has seen two mass shootings this week, Schakowsky said, referring to the attack Monday at Washington’s Navy Yard that left 12 victims dead.

“At what point do we act?” she said. “How many more innocent lives have to be taken until Congress is forced to do something? These questions should no longer go unanswered. I am outraged and angered that gun violence continues to affect the lives of innocent people.”