“My approach would be, as an executive, is to call in the leaders of Congress, the legislature, whatever you are dealing with, and saying we are not leaving this room until we fix this problem, because I am the boss. I am in charge,” Christie said

Christie is considered a frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. 

Christie has said a shutdown is irresponsible and the failure of all parties involved and reiterated that on Monday. But he said the legislature is not set up to take risk and work out deals. 

He spoke in general terms about the executive branch in response to a question about the looming government shutdown. 

“When you are the executive and you are waiting for leadership from the legislative branch of government, whether you are the governor, whether you are the president, or whether you are a mayor, you are going to be waiting forever,” he said. “Forever. Because they are not built to lead and take risk.”

President Obama called all the congressional leaders Monday night. But negotiations between both parties and with the president have been largely nonexistent ahead of the funding deadline.   

Christie said all congressional leaders and President Obama have an “obligation to get in a room and get it done.”

Negotiations on a grand bargain to deal with the debt stalled between Obama and congressional leaders in 2011.

Christie also blasted members of Congress for being too quick to run to the media to spew negative rhetoric about their opponents. He said he would want to eliminate the “stupid” media stakeout locations in Congress and those outside the White House. He said lawmakers should only be allowed to speak if they have engaged in meaningful debate to work toward a solution. 

“They don’t talk to each other,” he said. “They get in the same room [and] they talk at each other."

Both chambers spent Monday night volleying funding resolutions back and forth, with Democrats calling for a clean bill while Republican would like to attach proposals stripping ObamaCare provisions. 

In the latest development, the House has offered for both parties to go to a conference committee to work out a plan. But Senate Majority Leader Harrry Reid (D-Nev.) called the idea a “subterfuge” that would lead to a government shutdown. He said the Senate will only agree if the House passes a clean bill first.