Dan Rather: Failure to repeal ObamaCare most ‘staggering loss’ so early in a term

Dan Rather says the failure of the GOP healthcare bill to pass is the most “staggering loss” he’s ever seen so early in a president’s term, warning Americans that the blame game by the Trump administration is just beginning.

“Stunning. A complete defeat that I don’t think anyone would have predicted in the manner that took place,” the former “CBS Evening News” anchor wrote in a Facebook post Friday. “The morass of blame is only beginning.”

GOP leaders on Friday pulled their healthcare reform bill, the American Health Care Act, amid dwindling support among House Republicans.

{mosads}The move marked Trump’s first legislative defeat as president and followed seven years of rhetoric from Republicans who campaigned on a pledge to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

Trump blamed Democrats for not backing the GOP healthcare bill and signaled that he would move on to other legislative priorities, such as tax reform.

Rather commented on the significance of the defeat of the ObamaCare repeal plan in his post.

“I have never seen such a staggering loss so early in a term. We have long left charted waters with this administration. And our ship of state bobs amidst ominous waves,” he wrote.

“The damage isn’t limited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Many Democrats never understood Paul Ryan’s golden boy wonk status. But that aura has also been deeply and perhaps irrevocably tarnished by this health care failure. And the difficulty was expected to be in the Senate,” he continued.

“Meanwhile, the Russian shadow continues to darken,” he concluded.

Rather has been critical of the Trump administration, often taking to his Facebook page to share his thoughts on policies and statements put forward by the president and his cabinet members.

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