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President Obama renewed calls Saturday morning for Republicans to pass a clean funding bill to end the shutdown, as it entered into its fifth day.


"The Republican House of Representatives chose to shut down a government they don’t like over a health care law they don’t like," he explained in his weekly address.

Last week, the Democratic-controlled Senate rejected a House Republican effort to tie the continuing resolution to a one-year ObamaCare delay.

"There’s only one way out of this reckless and damaging shutdown: pass a budget that funds our government, with no partisan strings attached....Stop this farce. End this shutdown now," he urged.

The president also described how the shutdown has impacted more than 800,000 furloughed workers, delayed benefits and disrupted government services. He recalled nearly 30,000 letters he's received from suffering Americans in the past days as 'heartbreaking.'

"I know that Republicans in the House of Representatives are hearing the same kinds of stories, too," he said.

The House will be in sessions for the second Saturday in a row and is expected to approve a measure that will allow the federal workers furloughed by the shutdown to be paid once it ends. The White House has said Obama will sign that bill.

House Republicans have also been passing bills funding targeted parts of the government, but the White House has said Obama would veto those measures if they reach him and that it is wrong to cherry pick parts of the government to fund.