Warren blasts GOP for going 'nuclear,' vows to 'keep fighting'
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Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenOn The Money: Senate banking panel showcases 2020 Dems | Koch groups urge Congress not to renew tax breaks | Dow down nearly 400 | Cuomo defends Amazon HQ2 deal Election Countdown: Florida fight ends with Scott, DeSantis wins | Dems see Sunbelt in play for 2020 | Trump to campaign in Mississippi ahead of runoff | GOP wipeout in Orange County | Ortiz Jones concedes in Texas House race Sanders on 2020 White House bid: 'We're looking at it' MORE (D-Mass.) on Thursday ripped Senate Republicans for choosing to go "nuclear" and end the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees during the fight to confirm President Trump's pick, Neil Gorsuch.

Warren took to Twitter following the vote to trigger the nuclear option, telling Republicans that they will be responsible for future rulings by the Supreme Court.


"I get that the GOP won’t pick a progressive. But if a SCOTUS nominee isn’t mainstream enough for 60 votes, he/she shouldn’t be confirmed," Warren said in the series of tweets. "Changing the rules to jam through a right-wing, corporate-owned judge means the GOP will have to own the Gorsuch Court."

"The GOP will have to own every 5-4 case that opens the floodgates even more to secret spending in our political system. The GOP will be responsible for every 5-4 decision that throws working Americans under the bus to favor the powerful, moneyed few," Warren continued. 

After getting rid of the filibuster's 60-vote threshold, senators on Thursday voted 55-45 to end debate on Gorsuch’s nomination, setting up a final confirmation vote for Friday.

Warren has spoken out against Gorsuch's nomination.

On Wednesday, she said it would be "crazy" to confirm Trump's nominee to the court "at a moment when the president's campaign is under the cloud of an active, ongoing FBI counterintelligence investigation."

"I believe we should tap the breaks on any nominee until this investigation is concluded," Warren said from the Senate floor.

Warren's call is similar to that of Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), who said lawmakers should stop voting on Trump policies until investigations into Russian election interference are completed.