Warren rips Trump over Syrian airstrikes
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Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenThe Trojan Horse of protectionism Federal Reserve officials' stock trading sparks ethics review Manchin keeps Washington guessing on what he wants MORE (D-Mass.) on Saturday hit President Trump after he sent a letter to Congress explaining his reasoning for an airstrike on Syria, saying she had seen "no compelling strategic justification" for the strike.

"We need a plan to hold Assad accountable. But so far I’ve seen no compelling strategic justification for Trump's missile strike," Warren wrote on Twitter, referring to Syrian leader Bashar Assad.

"Within a week, Trump's Admin went from asserting they wouldn't intervene to launching Tomahawk missiles against Assad. That's erratic," she continued.

"The President's erratic approach to Syria is not a strategy. It underscores why our Constitution doesn't let Presidents wage war alone," Warren she added in tweets.


The U.S. late Thursday launched nearly 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria in retaliation for a chemical attack that officials in the U.S. and other Western nations believe are tied to the Assad regime.

Reactions to the attack didn't break along party lines, though most viewed the strike as a proportional response to the chemical weapons attack. 

Some Democrats and Republicans have criticized Trump's decision, calling on him to seek congressional approval before conducting any more such strikes in Syria.

"Congress must demand an actual strategy, clear goals, and a plan for achieving them before approving additional military action in Syria," Warren wrote Saturday.

"If Trump truly wants to help Syrians fleeing murderers, he should drop his effort to ban their children from America immediately."