Sen. Bernie SandersBernie Sanders'Almost Heaven, West Virginia' — Joe Manchin and a 50-50 Senate Biden to seek minimum wage in COVID-19 proposal Former Sanders spokesperson: Progressives 'shouldn't lose sight' of struggling Americans during pandemic MORE (I-Vt.) is calling on Democrats to launch a massive 50-state effort to take back the federal government, saying if liberals "educate" and "mobilize," they can win over voters.

In an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Wednesday evening, Sanders laid out a two-part plan aimed at securing Democratic electoral victories and blocking President Trump's policy agenda.

"Number one: a 50-state agenda," Sanders said. "Do not surrender parts of the country to right-wing Republicans. Number two: a progressive agenda that makes it clear that the Democrats are going to stand with working families, they are prepared to take on Wall Street and the '1 percent.'"


Sanders's comments came on the heels of Kansas state Treasurer Ron Estes's (R) narrow victory over a Democrat in Kansas's special House election on Tuesday.

The seat was previously held by now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo and has long been considered safe for GOP candidates. Nevertheless, Estes won by only seven points — a small margin of victory for the deep-red congressional district.

The Vermont Senator applauded Democratic turnout in the Kansas election, but admonished the party for failing to adequately fund Democrat James Thompson's bid. He urged the party to stop resigning itself to defeat in states and congressional districts that typically vote Republican.

"Take it all over this country," he said. "Start putting that agenda, that disastrous right-wing agenda — the denial of the reality of climate change, defunding Planned Parenthood — very few people support that agenda. We mobilize, we educate. We're going to win, and we're going to win big."

Sanders, a progressive firebrand who gained a sizable following as a presidential candidate in the 2016 Democratic primaries, has positioned himself as one of Trump's fiercest critics and become deeply involved in Democratic electoral efforts.