Boston station to remove 'Fox' from name of newscast
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Fox affiliate WFXT in Boston is removing the name “Fox” from its evening newscast, citing concerns that it’s hurt by being associated with the cable Fox News Channel.

Channel 25’s newscast will change its name to “Boston 25 News” later this month, but the channel will still refer to itself as Fox 25 in most cases, according to The Boston Globe.

The station decided to change the name after its ratings dipped and research showed that over 40 percent of viewers saw the newscast as “leaning conservative.”

“The perception of what our TV news station does is not what we do. They perceive us to be part of the Fox News family,” WFXT general manager Tom Raponi told the Globe.


Massachusetts is a noted Democratic stronghold, supporting the Democratic candidate in every presidential election since 1988.

WFXT news director Mike Oliveria told the Globe the change was motivated in part because Massachusetts viewers want news that isn’t politically biased.

The station is owned by Cox Media Group, but several other Fox stations also owned by Cox won’t be changing the name of their newscasts. Raponi told the Globe that the station had been considering the name change since it was acquired by Cox in 2014 and that the decision wasn’t motivated by recent controversy surrounding Fox News star Bill O’Reilly.

“It’s not that it’s a bad brand; it’s just that it’s not ours,” he said.

The new name will go into effect on April 24, and the station will promote it throughout the spring.