'We the Peeple': Protesters use candy town hall diorama to blast GOP rep
© Twitter

Protesters demanding that Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) hold a town hall event are appealing to the lawmaker with a town hall diorama made entirely of the candy Peeps.

The protesters, associated with the Indivisible group and Resist Here, gathered outside of Comstock's Virginia offices Friday asking for a town hall. While some came with traditional posters, some crafted a small town hall of Peeps.

The small diorama shows the Peeps as town hall attendees carrying signs. One peep protest sign says "we the Peeple" while others read "Peeps against pipeline" and "Peep truth to power."


Photos of the small diorama were shared on Twitter by protesters saying "town halls don't have to be scary," and "we've barely heard a peep from" Comstock.

House Republicans have been facing angry crowds back in their districts at town halls during Congress's two-week Easter recess. 

With constituents upset about President Trump’s policies and the stalled GOP attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare, lawmakers are trying to avoid volatile confrontations during this month’s two-week recess.  

Demonstrators have been demanding town halls from lawmakers avoiding them.