Michael Moore: Trump voters will get 'buyer's remorse'
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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said he believes many Americans who voted for President Trump will eventually get "buyer's remorse."  

"Do not give up on your fellow Americans," Moore said in an interview on NPR's "Indivisible." "Many of them who voted for Trump will end up doing the right thing. There will be buyer's remorse."

Moore also discussed the start of Trump's presidency, asking why the president didn't try to reach out more to Democrats that might be willing to help with some of his policies.


"It's odd that [Trump] hasn't come in with an attitude of 'why don't I talk to the other side,' because there's certainly enough Democrats that would go along with some of this," Moore said. "He could use his 'Art of the Deal' persuasion to convince some of them to go along with him."

"Instead, he's spent his first weeks in the White House being angry and sort of 'I hate everybody, I'm going to fight everybody,' " Moore continued. "I've never seen such a sore winner."

Moore, who famously predicted last summer that Trump would win the election, has remained an outspoken critic of the president since his inauguration. The day before Trump was sworn in, Moore led a massive protest in New York City. He also joined and spoke at the Women's March on Washington the day after Trump took office.