"They ceremony was performed by [White House] Chaplain Rev. [Stan] Fornea and they were joined by roughly 35 family members and friends," the official said. "We all wish them well."

Souza has served as the chief official White House photographer since President Obama took office in 2008, and also served in the same role during President Ronald Reagan's second term.

Before joining the Obama administration, Souza worked as a photographer for the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau. After Obama's election to the Senate, Souza worked with journalist Jeff Zeleny on a project documenting his first year in office.

The nuptials were not on the president's public schedule.

In a story from January of this year in USA Today, Lease is described as a "close friend" of Souza who gifted President Obama a Petoskey stone for his 50th birthday in 2011. The palm-sized stone can be seen in photographs of the president's desk, and the president reportedly fiddles with the honeycomb-patterned rock while talking on the phone.