Penguins hold their own Science March of the Penguins
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In honor of Earth Day and the March for Science, the Monterey Bay Aquarium held it's own mini Science March with several of its African penguins.

The aquarium dubbed its livestream the "March of the Penguins for Science," and it included their African penguins taking an "enrichment walk" through the Kelp Forest gallery.

Onlookers held signs for the march. 


One read: "Honk honk, bray bray, African penguins are here to stay."



Activists, scientists and celebrities are gathering on the National Mall today for a rally supporting science in public policy, a protest designed to send a message to lawmakers as well as President Trump.

Organizers of the March for Science say the event is not meant to be a partisan affair. But Trump's agenda — with his proposed budget cuts to federal research and actions aimed at undoing American climate change work — is certain to take a beating from speakers and attendees at Saturday's rally.