Bill Nye the "Science Guy" slammed lawmakers who he said are “deliberately ignoring and actively suppressing science” during a speech at the March for Science in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

Nye praised the framers of the U.S. Constitution for including language “promoting the progress of science and useful arts,” but said countries around the world are forgetting that without science, they cannot compete on the world stage.

“Today, we have a great many lawmakers, not just here but around the world, deliberately ignoring and actively suppressing science,” Nye said. “Their inclination is misguided, and in no one’s best interest.”


Nye noted that several key aspects of modern civilization — clean water, electricity, the internet — were connected to policy, which “could only be addressed competently by understanding the natural laws at play.”

“Our lawmakers must know and accept that science serves every one of us,” Nye said. “Science must shape policy.”

Nye has been a critic of President Trump’s Cabinet, saying Environmental Protect Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are “the least qualified people on the planet” to head their agencies.