Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) signed a new transportation bill aimed at encouraging ride-sharing services this week after taking a Lyft to a local Taco Bell and sharing a lunch with the driver.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Greitens can be seen getting into a Lyft, ordering a steak chalupa from Taco Bell, and signing the bill in the car parked by the restaurant.

"As many of you know, there are ride sharing services around the country, services like Lyft, like Uber, that are really convenient for people, and most importantly allow thousands of people to earn a little bit of extra money," Greitens said in the video.
"But here in Missouri for too long special interests and lobbyists created all these regulations so that we couldn't do that here ... But I told you, we are gonna come, we are gonna fight for you, and that's exactly what we are doing today," he added.
During his ride, Greitens also has a conversation with the Lyft driver about the ride-hailing service and how it impacts people's lives.
"This might be the first bill that's ever been signed in a Lyft car with a chalupa," the governor joked. "Now because we signed this bill, what's gonna happen is that we are taking Missouri in a new direction and we are going to be able to use Uber and Lyft around the state."
Taco Bell's official Twitter account also shared Greitens's video on Wednesday, stating that "getting a lift to Taco Bell just got a lot easier in Missouri."