Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) faced a rowdy crowd on Tuesday in his first town hall meeting since voting to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Angry audience members booed, shouted and interrupted the lawmaker throughout the event as Brat addressed topics relating to healthcare, Russia and President Trump's Tuesday firing of FBI Director James Comey.

“Everybody asks for town halls so we can have civil discourse,” Brat told the audience, according to The Washington Post.


“That’s what I’m trying to do. If we go this route, it’s going to be very hard to have rational civil discourse. I’m trying.”

Brat is the latest GOP lawmaker to face an angry crowd during a town hall event in his home state. Republicans have regularly faced town hall crowds agitated by the GOP's attempt to repeal ObamaCare, with videos of the encounters regularly going viral.

Hundreds of people attended the event in Brat's Virginia district.

Audience questions focused on healthcare and the Republican ObamaCare replacement plan, which has proved unpopular in polling.

During the event, Brat also said President Trump should release his tax returns, noting that the president's conflicts of interest are surfacing "by the day."

"There are conflicts of interest coming out by the day having to do with Russia, with China, with Iran, with elites all over this country ... I want transparency on all of it," Brat said, maintaining that "I do think it is important for citizens to see [Trump's] taxes."