CIA creates unit to focus on Iran
© Greg Nash

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has launched a new mission dedicated to collecting and analyzing intelligence related to Iran, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The mission illustrates that the Trump administration considers the country to be a high priority for the intelligence agency, the Journal noted.

The CIA has not publicly acknowledged the existence of the organization.


The organization, dubbed the Iran Mission Center, will include CIA analysts, personnel and specialists to support the CIA's abilities on the matter, including covert action.

The report comes after President Trump said he wanted to work with Iran’s Sunni rival Saudi Arabia to “isolate” the Shia-majority nation, during his a trip to Riyadh.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a longtime Iran critic, has also ripped the country, warning in Iran “was on the march.”

The Iran Mission Center is not the first CIA organization dedicated to gathering intelligence on a nation that is hostile to the U.S. The agency announced the creation of the Korea Mission Center, which is focused on curbing North Korea’s growing weapons program.