Missouri lawmaker introduces anti-abortion bill in video of himself killing a chicken

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A Missouri state representative on Monday posted a video on Facebook of himself beheading and skinning a chicken while announcing a new bill aimed at banning abortions in the state.

In a trailing monologue, state Rep. Mike Moon (R) asserts that “God gave man dominion over life” and the authority to raise and care for livestock, before discussing his plans to end abortions in Missouri.

“I think we need to get to the heart of the matter here,” Moon says, as he pulls what appears to be a heart from the chicken. “So today, I’m filing a bill that will lead to the stopping of abortion in the state of Missouri, and I hope you’ll support it.”

The bill in question — the Missouri Right to Life Act — would define human life as beginning at conception. If passed, it would take effect in August.

The video drew immediate criticism on social media, with some alleging that Moon was attempting to compare abortion to slaughtering a chicken. The state lawmaker responded in a follow-up post, saying that “some people seem to be freaking out about the chicken video.”

Moon, who was elected to the state House in 2013, is a staunch opponent of abortion in Missouri. In February, he introduced the Never Again Act, which calls for an exhibit to be created in the Capitol museum spotlighting abortion.

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