Gorka debates ‘fake news’ with CNN’s Anderson Cooper

President Trump aide Sebastian Gorka clashed with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a heated exchange Wednesday, during which Gorka called CNN’s reporting on the latest revelations in the probe into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia “laughable.”

“It’s laughable. Your chyron talked about a bunker mentality. I actually work in the West Wing, I work in the White House. It is absolutely nothing of the kind,” Gorka told Cooper on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

{mosads}“We are pushing the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda; the president is a steam locomotive that cannot be stopped. It’s just fake news. I’m sad to see CNN fall to this. I know you want salacious, sensational coverage for your ratings so your corporate sponsors and owners will have more money, but that’s not media, that’s not reportage, it’s just fake news,” he continued.

“OK, I’m just going to ignore the insults because I don’t think it really gets us anywhere,” Cooper replied. 

The exchange comes after The New York Times reported that Donald Trump Jr. arranged a meeting during the 2016 presidential campaign with a Russian lawyer who promised to turn up dirt on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Jared Kushner and President Trump’s then-campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, also attended the meeting.

Trump Jr. released a chain of emails on Tuesday, in which one message from the intermediary setting up the meeting says the information “would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.”

Cooper pressed Gorka on a tweet posted by the president on Wednesday saying the media often makes up its sources despite the fact that Trump Jr.’s released email chain confirms the Times’s reporting. 

“I’m giving you an opportunity right now to correct what the president said this morning. Because what he’s alleging is that the reporting is fake and, in fact, his son’s own email chain shows that it’s accurate. Do you deny that?” Cooper said.

“No, I deny the fact that there is anything here that is untoward. Again, this is an obsessive nine-month campaign,” Gorka said.

After continuing to go back and forth on Trump Jr.’s email, Gorka said, “I thought we were going to talk about real issues, like what we’re doing with our allies in France, defeating [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria].”

“I am going to ask you, but you’re not being honest, you’re not being upfront,” Cooper responded.

“How many minutes are we in?” Gorka said.

“Are you a TV producer now?” Cooper shot back. “You’re concerned about how many minutes we’ve been talking? Do you have somewhere else to go? If you gotta go, you gotta go.”

The exchange is the latest point of contention between the cable network and the White House.

The president, who frequently calls CNN “fake news,” caused controversy when he tweeted a video of him beating a man with the CNN logo superimposed on his face last week.

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