Texas Senate gives initial approval for transgender 'bathroom bill'
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The Republican-dominated Texas Senate on Tuesday gave its initial go-ahead on a "bathroom" bill that would limit bathroom access for transgender people, according to reports.

Senate Bill 3, which could be fully adopted Wednesday, is a controversial measure that would make it so "only by persons of the same sex as stated on a person's birth certificate" can use restrooms, changing rooms, and shower at schools as well as other public places.


Civil liberties advocates oppose the measure that passed by a vote of 21-10, calling it discriminatory. Those in favor of the bill say this would protect women and children in public spaces.

The measure, if adopted, would then fall into the hands of lawmakers in the Lone Star State's House of Representatives, where its fate remains uncertain despite GOP lawmakers also holding the majority. 

Reuters reported that if enacted in Texas, other Republican-held states could follow suit and pass their own version of a bathroom measure.

North Carolina passed a similar law to this one, which ignited protests and boycotts of many of the state's businesses, costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

The backlash and financial costs offset the bill's momentum, particularly after North Carolina partially repealed the measure in March.