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Ann Coulter: ‘We need to clone Stephen Miller and appoint him to every cabinet position’

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Wednesday lavished praise on White House adviser Stephen Miller during his appearance at the White House press briefing, calling it "the best moment of the Trump presidency since the inauguration."

Coulter, a longtime fan of Miller, said "we need to clone Stephen Miller and appoint him to every cabinet position" in a string of tweets.

"The great Stephen Miller speaking at White House press conference right now.  MUST SEE!!!!!!" Coulter first tweeted, going on to say that Miller was "eating press's lunch" and "Experts say many people voted for Trump because they want Stephen Miller running the country."

"I wonder if it would help if all Trump spokesmen were as smart as Stephen Miller," she wrote.

Miller's rare appearance at the podium was filled with heated exchanges with reporters about President Trump's proposals to reduce the level of legal immigration. Miller told The New York Times's Glenn Thrush that his newspaper should hire low-skilled immigrants and accused CNN's Jim Acosta of a "cosmopolitan bias."

Miller also minimized the importance of the poem inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants, which he said was added after the statue was installed.

"Idiot reporter cites poem later added to Statue of Liberty as of [sic] it's a founding document, binding US government officials," Coulter tweeted about the exchange between Miller and Acosta.