Ex-ethics chief: Trump talk of pardoning Arpaio shows racists that he’s on their side
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President Trump’s former ethics chief on Monday blasted him for considering pardoning controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio, saying such an action would tell white supremacists he's on their side and undercut his claim to be against racism.

Walter Shaub, who resigned as director of the United States Office of Government Ethics after clashes with Trump, hit Trump for saying he may pardon the sheriff who violated a federal order to stop racially profiling Latinos in his Arizona county.

“Scrambling to reassure the white supremacists and nazis that he didn't really mean what he said to the 'normies' today…” Shaub tweeted along with a link to a report about Trump's thoughts on Arpaio.

Trump told Fox News over the weekend that he was “seriously considering” pardoning Arpaio.


“He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration. He’s a great American patriot, and I hate to see what has happened to him,” Trump said.

Trump earlier Monday condemned white supremacists over a rally they organized in Charlottesville, Va., that turned violent. Trump made the statement two days after the rally, after originally blaming “many sides” for the violence in a statement hours after one woman was killed and more than a dozen injured in a car attack on counterprotesters.

Shaub criticized Trump’s statement repeatedly Monday, saying that “his remarks today were lackluster compared to his condemnation of Merck CEO, but at least it shows he's susceptible to public pressure.”

“You don't deserve a medal for condemning nazis. That is literally the least you can do,” Shuab tweeted. “This had all the enthusiasm of a hostage video. Did John Kelly threaten to take away his Morning Joe watching privileges?”