Missouri state senator posts, deletes comment 'hoping' for Trump's assassination
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A Missouri state senator is facing criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike for a post on her personal Facebook page, which has since been deleted, in which she “hoped” for President Trump to be assassinated.

The post, captured in a screen shot and tweeted by St. Louis conservative radio host Mark Reardon, shows Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) responding to a comment by saying “I hope Trump is assassinated!” She later deleted the comment.


Chappelle-Nadal later told the Kansas City Star that she posted the comment because she was frustrated with the “trauma and despair” surrounding the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend and Trump’s response to it.

“The way I responded this morning was wrong,” Chappelle-Nadal told the newspaper. “I’m frustrated. Did I mean the statement? No. Am I frustrated? Absolutely. The president is causing damage. He’s causing hate.”

“It was wrong for me to post that,” she continued. “But I am not going to shy away from the damage this president is causing.”

Missouri Senate Minority Leader Gina Walsh (D) condemned Chappelle-Nadal’s comment in a statement.

“Promoting, supporting or suggesting violence against anyone, especially our elected leaders, is never acceptable,” Walsh said. “There is too much rancor and hate in today’s political discourse, and Sen. Chappelle-Nadal should be ashamed of herself for adding her voice to this toxic environment.”

One Missouri state Republican representative is calling for Chappelle-Nadal to resign.

“This is disgusting @MariaChappelleN. You should be ashamed,” Rep. Kirk Mathews (R) wrote in a tweet. “Resign.”