President Obama has decided to fire the inspector general that investigates several national service organizations, the Associated Press reports.

The IG, Gerald Walpin, has come under fire recently for how he conducted an investigation of St. HOPE, an education nonprofit run by former NBA star and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Walpin was also responsible for investigating AmeriCorps, a top priority for Obama. Obama has signed legislation tripling funding for the service program.

"It is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as Inspectors General," Obama said in a Thursday letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden that the AP obtained. "That is no longer the case with regard to this Inspector General."

Walpin was criticized by a U.S. Attorney for his finding in an investigation of Johnson's organization's use of funds it received through AmeriCorps. Walpin's report alleged that they were used for political purposes.

Walpin went public with his findings right before the mayoral election, raising the specter of political motivations. The U.S. Attorney's office also clarified Walpin's remarks at the time, saying it was not pressing charges against Johnson.

Critics of the move will say Obama's decision is motivated by politics. Walpin was a Bush appointee.