The Associated Press is reporting that at least two people have been shot at the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The alleged shooter, who carried a rifle into the museum, has also been shot, according to the AP.

NBC news is now reporting that the suspect is now in the hospital.

Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: NBC is reporting that the D.C. Fire department says three males are heading to the hospital, presumably the two that were shot and the alleged shooter.

Pete Williams of NBC is now reporting that the suspect is a white male born in 1920.

UPDATE 2: James von Brunn is the alleged suspect and has some connections with anti-government and white supremacist organizations, Pete Williams reports.

The suspect is also reportedly been shot in the head and is in critical condition.

UPDATE 3: D.C. police is briefing reporters. The briefer is saying that only two people have been injured, the suspect and one of the security guards. (That contradicts earlier reports that there were three people injured.)

UPDATE 4: Now we're learning that von Brunn was arrested 1981 for entering the Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington with weapons, including a shotgun, seeking to arrest members of the Fed's board.

UPDATE 5: Von Brunn had created a user profile on Wikipedia, available here. The profile, which I believe was composed by Von Brunn, chronicles the 1981 arrest and includes these grafs:
Von Brunn champions Western Culture,and the practice of Eugenics. He states that Marxism-Multiculturalism-Judaism is the Enemy of Mankind.citing Talmudic quotes to "Kill the Best Gentiles!"

Von Brunn was president of his college fraternity, SAE. He served as PT-Boat captain, USNR, during WW2, earning 4-battle stars and a Commendation Ribbon. His early business career was in NYC as copywriter, art-director and film producer; later as a real-estate broker; and lastly as a writer-artist.

UPDATE 6: White House press secretary Robert Gibbs just said at the White House press briefing that President Obama has expressed "concern for the security guard that appears to have been hurt."

The president, Gibbs added, is "saddened" by the events at the museum.

Other than that, Gibbs said the White House is continuing and will continue to receive information about the shootings throughout the day.

UPDATE 7: D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty just said that the suspect hit one security guard before being hit. The suspect is in the hospital in critical condition. The security guard is in "grave condition."

The D.C. Chief of Police then said at this point this appears to be a lone gunman and appears to be acting alone. She would not confirm the identity of the suspect as James von Brunn.

UPDATE 8: The Federal Bureau of Investigation just issued the following statement:
"The Federal Bureau of Investigation has sent members of its National Capital Response Squad, including agents and team members on SWAT, Evidence Recovery, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force, to provide on scene support," said John Perren, the Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office's Counterterrorism Division. "The situation is fluid and therefore no other statements will be made at this time."

UPDATE 9: Here is von Brunn's website.