Giant inflatable 'Trump Rat' arrives in Washington

A 15-foot inflatable rat that looks like President Trump has made its way to Washington, appearing not far from the White House. 






The Trump Rat, which was created by New York gallery owner John Post Lee, is currently on display in the city's DuPont Circle neighborhood.

Lee has dubbed the piece "Castigat Ridendo Mores,” a Latin phrase meaning that you can correct morals with ridicule.

"I wanted to make a statement that in a way made me feel better, almost like you know, something that was very personal," Lee told The Hill. 

"He lacks common decency, it seems like, to make fun of people the way he does, and I didn't mean to really ridicule him. I mean to satirize and hold a mirror to his own belittling of other people," he said, noting that this was his first overtly political piece.

The structure made its debut on Tuesday, and will reportedly be around until Thursday. 

The Trump Rat isn't the first giant animal with a likeness of the president to appear on the streets of the nation's capital. 

An inflatable chicken resembling the president appeared behind the White House earlier this month.