On the eve of President Obama's much anticipated speech in Cairo on America's relationship with the Muslim world, Osama bin Laden has reportedly issued a video tape strongly condemning Obama.

According to Al Jazeera, which broadcast the tape on Wednesday, bin Laden accuses Obama os "antagonizing Muslims." In particular, it criticizes the U.S. for its involvement in Pakistan's military offensive against the Taliban.

From Al Jazeera:
"He has followed the steps of his predecessor in antagonising Muslims... and laying the foundation for long wars," bin Laden said in a tape released shortly after Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

"Obama and his administration have sowed new seeds of hatred against America," he said referring to what he claimed to be a US support to Pakistan in its fight against Taliban in the Swat region, which has displaced 2.4 million people.

Bin Laden warned the American people against the risk of extended wars because of the policies of the different US administrations.

"Let the American people prepare for to harvest the crops of what the leaders of the White House plant in the next years and decades," he said.

This will undoubtedly shape the beginning of Obama's diplomatic trip abroad. The White House has yet to response to the video tape.