Federal judge rules cop cannot sue Black Lives Matter
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A federal judge ruled Thursday that a Louisiana police officer could not sue Black Lives Matter after he was injured during a protest, saying the social movement could not be blamed for his injuries.

" 'Black Lives Matter,' as a social movement, cannot be sued, however, in a similar way that a person cannot plausibly sue other social movements such as the Civil Rights movement, the LGBT rights movement or the Tea Party movement,” Chief Judge Brian Jackson said in a ruling, according to Reuters.

Jackson went on to write that an "associate entity" could be held liable, however the judge said the unidentified officer did not provide a sufficient case against the group and the individual. 


The officer attempted to sue the social movement and an activist after he was hit with a rock during a protest last year in Baton Rouge, La. 

A lawyer for the activist named in the lawsuit, DeRay Mckesson, said he was sorry the officer was injured. 

“The court was absolutely correct to find that DeRay is not responsible for the criminal conduct of an unidentified person,” Mckesson's attorney said, according to Reuters.