The Page seems to have early transcripts of Cheney's interview with CNBC.

The former Veep sought to cool down his dispute with Colin PowellColin PowellHow American progressives normalize anti-Semitism Juan Williams: The GOP is an anti-America party Defense & National Security — Biden marks Veterans Day MORE, saying the former Sec. State was welcome in the GOP.

On whether the Bush administration originated the control over private businesses that conservatives now lament:
"No I don't believe we did. I don't recall any debate within the administration -- there may have been some over in Treasury or some place -- that focused on the extent to which government would try to control these institutions once they provided financing for them."

On Obama's budget:
"I think the budgets he submitted are way out of whack. I think what it does not only to the short term deficit but long term debt situation is very objectionable. I think the notion that we're going to get up to a point where the debt-equity ratio for the country is going to be what 50%, 60%, I've seen even 80% at the end of a 10 year period of time."

Cheney added that he's concerned the United States may lose it's AAA credit rating. Stay tuned for a full transcript (and presumably a video)....

UPDATE: Here's the video: