One of the big stories on this slow news Saturday has been former Vice President Dick Cheney's seeking out a book deal.

The New York Times reports that Cheney is seeking an advance larger than $2 million from a publisher for a memoir of his service in four administrations. As a frame of reference, Bill Clinton got a $15 million advance. Then again, Clinton was a lot more popular than Cheney when he left office (Clinton was also the president, a difference that everyone seems to have forgotten in the last week, but I digress...)

There are a few interesting tidbits in the report, but this is particularly eye catching:
Already working hard to meet publishers' deadlines is an informal writers' workshop of historic proportions: President George W. Bush; Laura Bush, the former first lady; former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; former Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr.; former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld; and Karl Rove, the former presidential political mastermind.

Members of the Bush group are in regular contact as they seek to jog their memories, compare notes and trade stylistic tips in their new lives as authors, according to friends and current and former aides.

Anyone else see a SNL skit in the making?