President Obama is doing all he can to shore up Chris Dodd's re-election chances.

In addition to praising the embattled Connecticut Senator at a Rose Garden signing ceremony today, Obama is sending out an email to over 100,000 Connecticut Democrats praising Dodd's commitment to credit card reform.

"[T]oday--thanks to the extraordinary efforts of your senator, Chris Dodd--I signed a bill that restores a sense of fairness and transparency to the credit card industry," Obama wrote. "As Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Senator Dodd was the driving force behind this bill. He's the one who built the bipartisan coalition that passed this crucial reform by a huge margin--90 to 5."

In polls, Dodd is trailing his possible Republican oponents by double digits. The Connecticut Democrat has drawn fire for his role in allowing AIG bonuses and being too cozy with the financial services industry.