Michael Steele had a good time in college. Just ask him. As part of C-SPAN's "Student and Leaders" program, the RNC chairman told a group of high school students this week that he partied too much during his first year in college, but learned some difficult lessons and turned his life around.

"My first year at Johns Hopkins, I had a good time. I really did. I partied my behind off. I heard there were classes. And some people told me I really should go. But I was having a good time. I was freshman class president, I knew most of my classmates by the end of my first weekend at school. I just netwroekd the heck out of that bad boy. I was getting there. I was talking. I was grooving. I was having a ball."

After getting kicked out for poor academic performance, Steele fought his way back in.

(h/t: Hotline)