NRA spokeswoman: ‘Nothing could have been done’ to prevent Las Vegas shooting


National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch said Monday that “nothing could have been done” to prevent the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Loesch, a conservative commentator, also asked during an interview on “Fox & Friends” what “red flags” were raised about the gunman, Stephen Paddock, ahead of the massacre.

“There’s nothing that could have been done, unfortunately, to prevent this tragedy,” Loesch said.

{mosads}“I know this investigation is ongoing and I don’t want to get ahead of the law enforcement that’s involved in this right now, but usually with individuals like these there are some sort of red flags, and I’m just curious as to what sort of vibe, what sort of red flags that this individual was putting out,” she added.

Loesch cited shooter James Hodgkinson, who opened fire at a congressional GOP baseball practice in June, as an example of a shooter whose motive wasn’t immediately clear.

“After that tragedy nobody rally knew his M.O. and it took a while for that information to come out, that he was targeting on political ideology,” Loesch said.

“But then people started talking about the red flags that were popping up about this guy and sooner or later the truth will out.”

The NRA has been a staunch opponent of implementing any new restrictions or regulations on guns.

The organization’s leaders last week came out in favor of “additional regulations” on bump stocks — the device used by the Las Vegas shooter that can simulate automatic gunfire on semi-automatic weapons. But the group later hedged its support, with NRA Executive Director Chris Cox saying on Sunday that officials “don’t believe bans ever worked on anything.”

Lawmakers from both parties have pushed for a ban on the device in the wake of the deadly mass shooting at an outdoor music festival on Oct. 1, which killed 58 and wounded hundreds more.


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