Former 'American Idol' contestant kneels after singing national anthem at NFL game
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Singer Jessica Sanchez, a runner-up on season 11 of "American Idol," took a knee after she finished singing the national anthem at an Oakland Raiders game on Sunday, The Associated Press reported.


"I'm 100 percent for the message, as far as what the message has been behind everybody kneeling," Sanchez said, according to the AP.


"I still show my respect to the veterans, but I do disagree with what's going on in the office," she continued, referring to President Trump's recent rhetoric on the issue. 

Trump ignited a firestorm over the issue last month, when he said at a campaign rally that the NFL should fire players who kneel during the anthem. 

Many in the NFL community responded to the president's comments by kneeling or locking arms during the anthem at various games, though the number of protests has since dwindled. 

NFL players, most notably free agent Colin Kaepernick, have kneeled during the anthem in order to protest social and racial injustice in the U.S. 

Sanchez is not the first national anthem singer to kneel at a game.

Singer Rico Lavelle took a knee after singing the national anthem last month at a Detroit Lions game, while singer Megan Lindsey and her guitar player did so after performing the national anthem at a Seattle Seahawks game.